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L’ammalato immaginario | La vedova ingegnosa


Composer Leonardo Vinci
Composer Giuseppe Sellitti | Librettist Tommaso Mariani
21 July 2019 | H 21:00 Masseria del Duca - Crispiano
da €15 a €25

Altre Date

23rd of July 2019 | H 9 p.m. Masseria Belvedere - Mottola (in collaboration with the city of Mottola)
25th of July 2019 | H 9 p.m. Masseria Palesi - Martina Franca
27th of July 2019 | H 9 p.m. Masseria Casina Vitale - Ceglie Messapica (in collaboration with the city of Ceglie Messapica)
1st of August 2019 | H 10.30 p.m. Masseria San Michele - Martina Franca

Opere in masseria

L’Opera in masseria” brings eighteenth-century music theatre in historic stately farms across the Valle d’Itria. We dedicate this space to the agile, juicy genre of intermezzo comico with L’ammalato immaginario by Leonardo Vinci (Strongoli 1690 – Naples 1730), a true star of the Neapolitan music school.

It was composed to be performed in between the acts of Francesco Silvani’s Ernelinda (Naples, Teatro di San Bartolomeo, 1726). L’ammalato immaginario stages the typical hypochondria à la Molière. Don Chilone is tricked into marrying Erighetta, a cunning little widow who aims at a second marriage to climb the social ladder, and takes advantage of the fears of the ageing co-protagonist.



Conductor Sabino Manzo
Directed by Davide Gasparro

Date: 21 July 2019
Time: 21:00
Cost: from €15 to €25
Where: Masseria del Duca, Crispiano