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Founded by Alberto Triola in 2010, the Rodolfo Celletti Bel Canto Prize is deservedly dedicated to the memory of one of the fathers of the festival and its artistic director from 1980 to 1983, acknowledged as one of the greatest voice experts of recent decades. Devoted sales manager at Motta (the famous Milanese producer of panettone), novelist and gifted musicologist, Celletti was first and foremost a great voice expert. For Rodolfo Celletti – appointed director of the Festival della Valle d’Itria by Paolo Grassi – Martina Franca was the ideal opportunity to move from theory to practise, in other words to make tangible what he had gained over so many years of passionate dedication and study. A true festival/workshop where preparation for the shows became a learning journey that led to the creation of a precise identity: the Celletti School, for singers who know how to use the instrument of the voice, hit a high note powerfully then soften it without running out of breath. The numerous recurrent guests of those unforgettable editions of the festival include Mariella Devia, Daniela Dessì, Paolo Coni, Lella Cuberli, Alberto Zedda, Luciana Serra, Ruggero Raimondi and Ramon Vargas.

Premio Celletti 2010 to Mariella Devia

Premio Celletti 2011 to Daniela Dessì

Premio Celletti 2012 to Paolo Coni

Premio Celletti 2013 to Lella Cuberli

Premio Celletti 2014 to Alberto Zedda

Premio Celletti 2015 to Luciana Serra

Premio Celletti 2016 to Ruggero Raimondi

Premio Celletti 2017 to Ramon Vargas

Premio Celletti 2018 to Michele Pertusi

Premio Celletti 2019 to Bruno Campanella

Premio Celletti 2020 to Sara Mingardo

Premio Celletti 2021 to Richard Bonynge and Joan Sutherland (in memoriam)

Premio Celletti 2022 to Grace Bumbry

Premio Celletti 2023 to Pier Luigi Pizzi