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Pricing list

Stall 1 Full priceStall 1 SeniorStall 2 Intero Stall 2 Senior
SUBSCRIPTIONS 4 OPERAS€ 120,00€ 100,00€ 70,00€ 60,00
Performances at Palazzo Ducale
Stall 1 Full priceStall 1 Senior Stall 1 Under 30 Stall 1 Under 15 accompaniedStall 2 Full priceStall 2 Senior Stall 2 Under 30 Stall 2 Under 15 accompanied
Première NORMA€ 70,00///€ 40,00///
NORMA € 60,00€ 50,00€ 30,00€ 15,00€ 35,00 € 25,00€ 15,00€ 10,00
ALADINO E LA LAMPADA MAGICA€ 60,00€ 50,00€ 30,00€ 15,00€ 35,00€ 25,00€ 15,00€ 10,00
IX SINFONIA DI LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN€ 40,00€ 30,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 10,00
Performances at Teatro Verdi
Stall – Grandstand A – Grandstand B Full priceStall – Grandstand A – Grandstand B Senior Stall – Grandstand A – Grandstand B Under 30 Grandstand C and sides Full priceGrandstand C and sides Senior Grandstand C and sides Under 30
ARIODANTE€ 40,00€ 30,00€ 25,00€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00
IL GIARDINO DELLE CILIEGIE€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 10,00
Chiostro di San Domenico and Chiostro del Carmine
Stall Full priceStall Senior Stall Under 30
LEZIONE D’OPERA€ 15,00€ 10,00€ 10,00
Masserie in Valle d’Itria
Stall Full priceStall Senior Stall Under 30
IL CANTO DEGLI ULIVI€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00
Eventi Gratuiti
IN ORBITAFree entry while seats last
IL PUNTO SU NINO ROTAFree entry while seats last
CONCERTO PER LO SPIRITOFree entry with reservation

BOOKING FEE: 10% + VIVATICKET service commission

SENIOR DISCOUNT: Discount reserved for spectators born before January 1st, 1959

UNDER 30 DISCOUNT: Discount reserved for spectators born after January 1st, 1995

UNDER 15 DISCOUNT: Discount reserved for spectators born after January 1, 2009 accompanied by an adult

SUBSCRIPTION 3 OPERAS: Valid for n.1 entry to choose from all performances, excluding the opening of July 1th 2024, of Norma by Vincenzo Bellini, Aladino e la lampada magica by Nino Rota and Ariodante by Georg Friedrich Händel

  • Patrons on wheelchairs: 5 free “out-of-chair” seats in stalls subject to availability; companions beside wheelchairs. Cost of ticket for accompanying person: full price.
  • Patrons with disabilities but not on wheelchairs: full ticket price.
  • Entities or communities: any ad hoc agreements.
  • Groups: 10% discount off the full price for 20 people or more.

The discount does not apply to presale.

The discount cannot be combined with other offers or other price ranges.

In case of bad weather, the performance is never cancelled in advance.

If the weather conditions do not permit the regular execution of the performance, the Festival reserves the right to delay the start of the opera for up to 120 minutes after the foreseen starting time, before deciding and communicating a possible cancellation of the performance.

Tickets will be refunded only if the performance is cancelled before it has begun. If the performance is interrupted after it has begun, any right to a refund of the ticket will be lost.

In order to obtain a refund, tickets have to be handed into the Festival Ticket Office as soon as the performance is cancelled, (i.e. on the same evening) or on the following day. Otherwise tickets will be refunded if they are mailed within 5 days of the cancelled event to the Head Office of the Fondazione Paolo Grassi.

The refund (book fee not included) will be given after the request or with a wire transfer by 30th September, at the Festival’s discretion.

The recommended minimum age for admission to the Festival is 6 years. Should the child disturb other members of the audience, the child and his/her accompanying adult will be kindly asked to leave the theatre. Minors must carry their own ticket and they must have an assigned seat.


Piazza XX Settembre, 5/B – Martina Franca

Open from July 1 to August 7
from h. 10 AM to h. 1 PM
and from h. 5 PM to h. 9 PM

Phone +39 080 840 7250



Cento Artistico Musicale “Paolo Grassi”

Palazzo Ducale – Martina Franca
From monday to friday: from 10 AM to 1 PM

Phone +39 080 4805100 | +39 080 4301908

If you show the Opera and Ballet and/or Concert 2024 Subscription cards of the Fondazione Petruzzelli at the box office of the Festival della Valle d’Itria, you can have:
– 30% discount for the purchase of a ticket for:
• NORMA (excluding inauguration on 17 July 2024)


If you show the tickets purchased for the 50th Festival della Valle d’Itria at the Teatro Petruzzelli box office, you can have:
– 50% discount of discount (stalls sector and boxes of I and II order) for the purchase of a ticket for:
• LA FILLE DU RÉGIMENT (performances on 12 and 14 november)