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What is Art Bonus?

A method of charitable donation that facilitates the protection of the artistic heritage and cultural tourism: send your contribution and access important benefits in the form of tax credits. The Art Bonus tax credit system was introduced in accordance with article 1 of legislative decree 31.5.2014 no. 83, “Urgent measures for the protection of the cultural heritage, the development of culture and the relaunch of tourism“, after amendments converted to law no. 106 of 29/07/2014.

Who can benefit?

The Art Bonus tax credit is available to all individuals who make charitable donations to sustain the culture and live performances listed in the register available on the website, regardless of their nature or legal status.

The Festival della Valle d’Itria is listed as one of the events you can support with a donation: becoming a patron of the festival gives you the right to the Art Bonus tax credit. Find out how.

How to donate?

The Revenue Agency has stated that to qualify, charitable donations must be executed via one of the following payment methods:

  • Bank (e.g. transfer);
  • Post Office (e.g. payment into the current account of the beneficiary).
  • Other methods stipulated in article 23 of law 241/97 (debit, credit and prepaid cards; cheques).


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