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Stall full price Stall reduced priceGallery full priceGallery reduced price
Il matrimonio segreto (16 July) € 60,00/€ 35,00/
Il matrimonio segreto (other days)€ 50,00€ 30,00€ 25,00€ 20,00
Ecuba€ 50,00€ 30,00€ 25,00€ 20,00
Coscoletto€ 35,00€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00
Orfeo€ 50,00€ 30,00€ 25,00€ 20,00
Opere in masseria€ 25,00€ 15,00//
Recital di belcanto€ 25,00€ 18,00€ 15,00€ 10,00
Concerts at the Cluster€ 15,00€ 10,00//
Festival Junior€ 10,00€ 7,00//

Booking fee: 10%

  • Reduced tickets: under 30s and over 65s
  • The “After Hours” concerts and the concerts in churches are free entry.

Centro Artistico Musicale Paolo Grassi
Palazzo Ducale – 74015 Martina Franca (TA)
Tel. +39 080 4805100
From Monday to Friday, h: 10,00 am / 01,00 pm
Mail: info@festivaldellavalleditria.it

Mail: stampa@festivaldellavalleditria.it

Tel. +39 080 472 5285
Mail: biglietteria@festivaldellavalleditria.it

  • Patrons on wheelchairs: 4 free wheelchair spaces (until all places) in the stalls. The one person accompanying each disabled patron will seat next to the wheelchair (full ticket price).
  • Patrons with disabilities but not on wheelchairs: full ticket price.


In case of bad weather the performance will never be cancelled before the expected time of commencement.

If the weather conditions do not permit the regular execution of the performance, the Festival reserves the right to delay the start of the opera for up to 120 minutes after the foreseen starting time, before deciding and communicating a possible cancellation of the performance.

Tickets will be refunded only if the performance is cancelled before it has begun. If the performance is interrupted after it has begun, any right to a refund of the ticket will be lost.

In order to obtain a refund, tickets have to be handed into the Festival Ticket Office as soon as the performance is cancelled, (i.e. on the same evening) or on the following day. Otherwise tickets will be refunded if they are mailed within 5 days of the cancelled event to the Head Office of the Fondazione Paolo Grassi.

The refund (book fee not included) will be given after the request or with a wire transfer by 30th September, at the Festival’s discretion.

If you didn’t buy the tickets in the Festival’s Ticket Office you’ll have to ask for the refund in the same point of sale where you bought the tickets (for ex. Vivaticket, if you purchased them online), through its procedures.