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Composer Jacques Offenbach
19 July 2019 | H 21:00 Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca
da €15 a €35

First staged in Bad Ems in 1865, Coscoletto is an operetta by Jacques Offenbach (Cologne 1819 – Paris 1880). It is clearly set in Naples, and the sentimental affairs swing from naïve to mischievous. The author’s outlook shows he is well acquainted with the atmospheres described in the Grand Tour, and for the occasion he substitutes his famous can-can with the rhythm of tarantella.

It was never staged in Italy, and we in Martina Franca are proud to present it in a new rhythmic edition by Sandro Cappelletto and Mario Desiati. The operetta unravels with character exchanges, infatuations, poison-administering physicians, pasta-makers, and the eruption of Vesuvius.


conductor Sesto Quatrini
directed by Arturo Cirillo

Date: 19 July 2019
Time: 21:00
Cost: from €15 to €35
Where: Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca