“I want more logic than the world can handle, so I prefer to live where it’s lacking” (Karl Kraus). Operetta – an assessment 

European Academy of Music Theatre in cooperation with the Festival della Valle d’Itria

July 30-31, 2023
Fondazione Paolo Grassi, Martina Franca

The conference will discuss the current situation of the genre from different viewpoints, rooted both in theory and in practice, with internationally renowned speakers. Due to the shortness of the event, neither portraits of creators nor individual productions are in the focus of the conference. It will comprise topics such as the fundamental question of the contemporary relevance of operetta, the staging between considering the genre a historical phenomenon and new inventive ways, current creative attempts at renewal, the situation of specific training for the singers and challenges for the performers, and will conclude in an overview of the international reception.

30 July 2023: 


14:00 | Opening 
Sebastian Schwarz 
Isolde Schmid-Reiter 


Chair: Sebastian Schwarz 


14:10 | The relevance of operetta in the 21st century 
Kevin Clarke (Operetta Research Center Amsterdam) 


15:00 | The reception of operetta today 
Lotte de Beer (Volksoper Wien), 
Jan Henric Bogen (Theater St. Gallen), 
Roland Geyer (Johann Strauss 2025, Wien), 
Ignacio Jassa Haro (Archivo SGAE, Madrid), 
Josef E. Köpplinger (Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, München), 
in conversation with Sebastian Schwarz (Festival della Valle d’Itria)


16:20 | Coffee break 


Chair: Emanuele Senici 


16:40 | Laughing in post-unification Italy: Milan and Operetta in the 1870s
Elena Oliva (Università degli Studi di Firenze) 


17:20 | Operetta, Canzonetta: Politics of Light Music in 1920s Italy 
Marco Ladd (King’s College Cambridge) 


18:00 | Il paese dei campanelli 
Fabio Luisi, Alessandro Talevi (Festival della Valle d’Itria) 


31 July 2023: 


Chair: Kevin Clarke 


10:00 | “Nicht mehr gewillt, mich länger zum Narren zu machen” 
Glanz und Elend einer europäischen Operetten-Kompanie. Franz Lehár und Carlo Lombardo 
Stefan Frey (Universität München) 


10:40 | The search for the original state versus performance versions. Conducting operetta 
Alexander Joel, Marc Minkowski, Michele Spotti; in conversation with Emanuele Senici 


11:20 | Coffee Break 


11:40 | Training performers. Singing operetta 
Impulse statement and moderation: Wolfgang Dosch (Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien)
Peter Edelmann, Ladislav Elgr, Theresia Kronthaler, Daniel Prohaska, Ildikó Raimondi


13:00 | Lunch break 


Chair: Stefan Frey 


14:30 | Musicals as “woke” heirs to operettas [online] 
Susanne Vill (Emer. Universität Bayreuth) 


15:10 | Staging time and memory: Regieoper operetta stagings [online] 
Micaela Baranello (University of Arkansas) 


15:50 | Coffee break 


16:10 | Between historical document and actualisation: Staging operetta 
Peter Konwitschny, Peter Lund, Giorgio Madia; in conversation with Aviel Cahn 
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Isolde Schmid-Reiter, Europäische Musiktheater-Akademie/ Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna
Mag. Sebastian F. Schwarz, Festival della Valle d‘Itria

*The conference language is English.